Great sensation comes from?

Does the creative process death there after its results are released?


Does the creative process stop there after its results are released?

The answer is obviously no.

Creation is precious,

Because the new things created can change people's lives,

connect with human emotions,

Ultimately giving a new definition of the beauty of life.

Today I share with you Introlemons,

The three brands Basdban and Marienbad,

their own stories of creation.

There is a human-related emotion behind them.

A steady stream of new empathy is being created.


A Sense of Atonement Ceremony


The Story of Introlemons Lemon Tea,

From the misunderstanding, understanding,

forgiveness and redemption of a father and daughter.

My father worked in Zhanjiang for a long time,

There is very little time to get along with my daughter,

A sense of distance is inevitable.

Until a visit from my daughter,

The two sat down at a local lemon tea shop in Zhanjiang,

Taste the sweet and sour in tea together.

This cup of tea is called "The Lemonate of Forgiveness",

Like the intimacy and subtlety between father and daughter,

Full of bitterness and sweetness.

This Zhanjiang local lemon tea shop,

Be the starting point for Introlemons.

With the "hand beat" lemon this original,

even punitive actions,

make a cup of lemon tea,

So let the indescribable "atonement" be expressed,

It is also very ceremonial.

A cup of tea is not just the tea itself,

It has become a medium of emotional communication and

an incarnation of nature, artisanal and local craftsmanship.


A Sense of Sincere Relaxing


Basdban comes from the Sichuanese pronunciation,

"Basdban" means a comfortable state of relaxation.

Yang, co-founder of Basdban,

I have been going around in the coffee industry for most of my life,

Immigrated from Chengdu to Shanghai,

and finally took root on Yuyuan Road,

The first coordinates of the brand were established.

It coincides with the sense of community advocated by HARMAY,

Yang opened this space that sells coffee, bread and desserts.

It is to create a "basic board" in the Yuyuan Road community,

A place where you can relax your brows to live.

He recruited four groups of partners,

Zhehan, Jiang Nan, Wang, and Doublehood,

to work with him on the liver, kidney, nerve, muscle, and fingers during the establishment of Basdban.

The division of labor of these "organs" interestingly sums up their work,

Also named Basdban's identity:

She is not a cold space,

She is like a friend who can make you feel relaxed at any time,

It is the company of living flesh and blood.


The Feast of Eternal Flow


Named after the French New Wave film "Last Year at Marienbad"

(L'année dernière à Marienbad) Cafe Marienbad,

Founded in 2005,

It is the base of Shanghai local community residents,

playwrights, artists, photographers and other creators.

they drink coffee,

Find inspiration, chat, debate, and meet new people here.

Now in the HARMAY Plaza,

which is open to the community street,

the Wukang Road store in HARMAY,

This coffee brand, born in the local community of Shanghai,

welcomes old friends with a new attitude.

like a flowing feast,

People leave or stay, and Marienbad is always there.

What's the definition of creators ?dots

Begin with dialogue, wings with sensation


Creativity becomes empathic because of emotional connection with people.

Because of this,

it can bring about change,

Be a booster to achieve beauty and a good life.

HARMAY aims to create beauty and a better life,

The above three brands are included as peers,

It has injected more vitality to meet challenges.

From personal stories,

to community sentiment,

And then to the universal spirit,

Creation is only accompanied by emotion,

Only in order to realize and stimulate the value it originally envisaged,

Which brings a lot of beautiful imagination.


Vision: ASHLI

Editor: REGAN