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I’m on the scene, creating BAUM China debut

If the tree can speak, the annual ring is its language. Circle after circle, recording the rain and drying up for thousands of years. Get inspiration from trees, Shiseido launched its high-end skin care brand BAUM in Japan in June 2020, Promote symbiosis with trees and absorb the extraordinary energy of trees Open the forest window to nature for the tired and busy urbanites Feel the energy from the forest anytime, anywhere, so that your skin and mind can be rebalanced and happy.

In October of this year, BAUM entered China, and HARMAY became its first place to take root.



Skincare inspiration Delivers blessing of trees to skin and mind

Why is it a tree? There may be no more sustainable species in nature than trees. A big tree has stood for hundreds of years, providing a steady stream of shelter and well-being for mankind.


The secret is its strong water storage, growth and resistance. The roots of the trees continue to draw water, Every spring, the trees always grow new shoots, In the face of the harsh external environment, trees always stand still and resolutely resist. BAUM introduces this tenacious vitality into daily skin care More than 90% of the ingredients are derived from natural trees Enhance skin's water storage capacity, antioxidant capacity and regeneration capacity from the inside out Just like the root system of a tree locks in water, the trunk resists invasion, and the branches, leaves and fruits are luxuriant. Make the skin show the same fullness, moisturizing, full and healthy youthful vitality



Pleasant aroma

Remember the last time you walked in the green forest? When you are tired and thinking Longing to be surrounded by the smell of forest and sunshine BAUM's fragrance can bring you an immersive sensory experience. . The wind of the forest is the hearty fragrance of the breeze blowing over the woods by the lake; The sound of the forest is the breath of enlightenment in the quiet dense forest; The breath of wood is the wanton fragrance of the prosperous plateau. The three fragrances are like a warm embrace from nature, Bring you in the city the vitality of the entire forest.


Environmental Aesthetics SUSTANABILITY

Drawing blessings from trees, BAUM is also working hard to maintain the blessings of trees to the future BAUM's product packaging all follow the concept of sustainability. Designed by famous designer Wataru Kumano and produced by Japanese high-end furniture manufacturer KARIMOKU, The iconic wooden accessories of BAUM products are upgraded and rebuilt using surplus wood from furniture production. At the same time, it provides product replacement*, so that the wooden accessories can be used for life and can be stored forever. The glass bottles used in the product come from recycled glass, Plastic bottles are also made of bio-based PET, which can be easily degraded naturally. The FSC-certified outer packaging cartons present different shades of green, forming a picture of a lush forest. BAUM also encourages you to bring your own shopping bags for shopping, or buy original eco-friendly bags designed by the brand.

*HARMAY will also be available for replacement, so stay tuned


Do you believe it? We planted a forest for you in HARMAY. From October 21st, HARMAY HARMAY Shanghai Wukang Road store will open Forest·Zaihuamei POP UP limited-time shop, Step into the forest and explore the extraordinary power of trees with BAUM.


Vision: REGAN

Editor: ABBY

Shot: RUTH