What is a creator?

The desire for "new" in the soul


What is a creator?

This is a topic that HARMAY

HARMAY has been discussing over the past year.

Creators have different working modes and thinking logics,

but their goal is always the same,

that is, to create something "new"

that will bring changes to themselves,

the community, and the entire world.

This time, HARMAY created a dialogue with the creators

of the "architectural firm AIM Kaimo",

"Smart Retail Operating System Flipos"

and "Fragrance Brand ME Ft. WE",

exploring them and HARMAY

The intimate connection and the desire for "new" in the soul.


Believe in originality


Architects from the Netherlands Wendy Saunders and Vincent De Graaf

founded AIM Kaimo Architects in 2005,

starting their journey in Shanghai for more than ten years.

At the beginning of its growth,

HARMAY established a tacit cooperation with AIM,

including the store space design of Beijing Sanlitun Store, Shanghai Xintiandi Store,

Beijing Universal Studios Store, Shanghai Wukang Road Store, Hangzhou Tianmuli Store

and the newly opened Chongqing Jiefangbei Store All came from AIM.

Those HARMAY stores that are full of space magic without losing

the retail characteristics, each has its own personality.

Movie theaters, retro offices, cave factories,

or Shanghai-style community plazas,

the opening of every new HARMAY store breaks the boundaries of existing retail spaces.

We believe in originality very much.

We believe that people want to be original.

People want to express themselves.

People want to better define who they are.

For us, repeating what we have done before is more important than creating new things.

Difficult. Designing a HARMAY shop feels a bit like creating a small theater.

You imagine you have designed a stage for the theater, and then many people may want to walk in that small door.

To some extent, for us, this is A very powerful image is what people expect from space.

I think in HARMAY, everything is related to people."

-Wendy Saunders and Vincent De Graaf


Start-up spirit


Kenvin, the creator of Flipos,

attributed the success of this smart retail operating system

to the team's emphasis on start-up spirit.

As the first smart retail operating system

that integrates functions such as the cash register system,

CRM member management, mini-program social marketing components,

and food delivery system,

Flipos is connected with HARMAY in the "people".

In front of Flipos,

the generation of demand is not limited to the black and white order,

but the living person behind the order.

Flipos' technology can enable retail clerk to deeply understand customers'

personal preferences and make the connection between retail space,

products and customers closer,

which also coincides with HARMAY's vision of establishing a new lifestyle scene.

We hope to make the value of the product in the limited time and space.

This value does not repeat what others have done,

nor does it have a particularly clear commercial purpose.

Although we are a small team,

we have the start-up spirit of Start-Up and hope to do something inspiring this industry.

- - -Kelvin

With creation as the driving force and demand as the opportunity, the cooperation between Flipos and HARMAY hit it off.

ME Ft. WEdots

Create with love


May and Nili, the founders of ME Ft. WE,

have infiltrated the scent, style, attitude,

and texture into the fields of fashion, music, art, etc.,

to create a unique fragrance brand with an era.

Record fragrance diffusion, paper art diffusion fragrance,

metal fragrance diffusion...

Scents are related to memories,

and therefore have an emotional connection with people.

The inspirational works that break the boundaries of traditional fragrances

time and time again make ME Ft. WE's works not only fragrances,

but also life art works worthy of fun.

The philosophy of ME Ft. WE is "Explore fearlessly, create with love".

As a brand, no matter what its positioning, the most important thing is truth.

It truly reflects your passion,

what you want to create,

and what you want to express.

This is a more natural and sincere state.

How to look at or interpret the product itself is also quite interesting.

In fact, a container can take on a lot, and you can give it a variety of functions.

Some of our products, in fact, hope that everyone can use one thing for multiple purposes.

You can use it as a fragrance or as a container, and you can give it more possibilities.

——May and Nili

"Creation" is the key word of HARMAY in the past year.

Using creativity to continue to be responsible for the beauty

of this world is also a methodology that will continue to be practiced in the future.


"New" is the eternal goal of creators.

A new space, a new fragrance,

or a new perspective on the same object can all inspire new inspiration again.

In this cycle, "creation" will be filled with infinite "new" imagination and sustainability.


Vision: ASHLI

Editor: REGAN