Chapter 1

Welcome To HARMAY.

HARMAY is a warehouse style new retail brand. The original predecessor was an online cosmetics shop, and employees went back and forth between various shelves and operation desks, repeating operations such as sorting, sorting, and packing. Later, HARMAY pioneered the 'warehouse culture' offline, and now it looks like a store.

Chapter 2

Warehousing DNA

"Warehouse" has always been HARMAY's gene. From our first Taobao store "HARMAY" to HARMAY.COM to Anfu Road store, storage is where the dream of HARMAY begins. We want to provide a comfortable, clean and quiet environment so that our customers can meet everything, about beauty, and a good life without being disturbed.

Chapter 3

Intelligent Vision

“HARMAY Family” are introverted, confident, and interesting, just like the reed field under the silver planet. The wind blows through, telling the story of these dreamers who want to express; and the interesting souls of the dreamers, like small dazzling silver planets, rotating and revolving, converging into a shining galaxy of plum blossoms.

Chapter 4

Ultimate Aesthetics

HARMAY has never claimed to be able to define beauty, but never stopped discussing aesthetics and pursuing the ultimate self-requirements. We don't think we have the ability to define beauty. On the contrary, we never evade, never deny, pluralism and complexity, opposition and disagreement.

Chapter 5

Respectful Of The City

HARMAY is not only about commodities and desires, it is about people and the changing life. We hope to use HARMAY’s store to convey our feelings to customers and express our most simple respect and care for the urban community and the customers themselves.

Chapter 6


The road ahead is unlikely to be a smooth road. If it weren't for the blessing of perseverance and courage, the flat and straightforward life might be a dull repetition year after year. Facing challenges and embracing changes, every "HARMAY" is an entrepreneur, enjoying solitary creation, cherishing each other's company, having the enthusiasm for creating miracles, and the confidence to move forward!