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At the end of the year, give yourself a carnival

Why do we like festivals so much? Perhaps only on festivals can we pause, change our minds, and truly confess ourselves. It is also in the festive atmosphere that time is commemorated, inspiration is celebrated, and creation is born.

In the HARMAY HARMAY Annual Exhibition "Carnival of Creators", five groups of artists present their new works in HARMAY universe with "creation" as the core and with the theme of "Festival" in HARMAY stores in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu.

"The essence of art is free creation, and the change of everything is also creation. Creation is the collection of all energy. It provides new worlds, values ​​and meanings, and creates new possibilities and dreams. The vitality of art and the world comes from creation and creation. It is also a festival of art and the world." ——Curator: Cui Cancan




"Dabo" is the transliteration of the English "Double", which represents a strong desire to double. And "melsterol" is a concept created by the artist, and you can appreciate most of the flavor of the word if you blurt it out. The artist’s strong personal style has become the declaration of the series: “It’s not too sweet, it’s more natural.” At a time when sweetness is excessive, industrial sweeteners are prevalent, and material desires are nowhere to be placed, how can we extract a natural sweetness? Agent, feel the real happiness?


"Above the Ground"


For the artist, in the short festival, we can go to the end of the universe, or not go anywhere, just gallop in the clues of memories. Therefore, in her works, you can see the white night and desert in the distance, as well as the abstract pictures in the artist's memories. Whether in the distance or close, the festival belongs to oneself, do whatever one wants, and talk to oneself.


Liang Chen "Chaos"


Introducing unique new things that have never been seen before, this is the understanding of "creation" by most people. The space-time model established by the artist under the theory of chaos is very similar to this: in the trajectory of constant motion, due to the different initial conditions, the trajectory generated after it is never the same and never repeats. As a result, the artist uses the small ball containing all the details of the universe in Borges' novel "Aleph" as inspiration to measure the boundless possibilities in the square inch.


Drawing Architect Studio


The artist believes that “there is nothing new under the sun.” Unlike Liang Chen’s theory, the Painters Club believes that “creation” is not to introduce new things, but to constantly recombine the details of daily knowledge to form a new order. . With a strong community atmosphere, the Mei Wukang Road Store has once again become a venue for daily trivia, presenting the cuteness and beauty of the details in fragments of life.


"5:18" on Zheng Lu


"Water" has become the object of the artist's creation. Whether it is the "tide show" outside the outdoor venue or the "5:18" showing the tenderness of life in the interior, they all show the different sides of water, whether it is turbulent or gentle. Creation and festivals are reminders to Zheng Lu, reminding us of our love and being loved, and reminding us of the happiness that is worthy of our attention in the endless cycle of daily life.

The HARMAY Festivaldots


The festival is a golden time, reminding us of seemingly endless and ordinary daily life, and there are also nodes that make people excited and happy. The preciousness of the festival is that this happiness does not come in an instant, but exists in the established arrangement. The festival is there, just wait, it will always come as promised.

With this annual exhibition, HARMAY pays tribute to the precious human creation of the festival. When the fireworks rise, we can finally breathe, and the moment of dialogue with ourselves has also become a moment of countless inspirations and creations. Five artists explore the relationship between "creation" and "festival" in the brand universe of Huamei, presenting precious artistic ideas.

At the end of 2021, we invite you to Huamei to celebrate the golden holiday season together. You are also welcome to leave or take away your holiday inspiration in Huamei.

Huamei Annual Exhibition "Carnival of Creators" Participating Artists: Tong Kunniao, Ma Qiusha, Drawing Society, Liang Chen, Zheng Lu Exhibition time: November 18th to January 9th Venue: HARMAY Huamei Beijing Sanlitun Store, Beijing Xidan Xintiandi Store, Shanghai Xintiandi Store, Shanghai Wukang Road Store and Chengdu Jingronghui Store


Vision: REGAN

Editor: ABBY