What is HARMAY Lab _________?


If you have ever been to the second floor of the Shanghai Xintiandi store, you will never forget the slightly obtrusive but curious big cage at the end of the stairs. In the face of such an unconventional display, many people are just like you, walking in with hesitation at the same time asking themselves: "What is HARMAY Lab?"

The autumn in Shanghai in 2021 is particularly short-lived. But after a whole spring and summer polishing, we finally filled in a clear answer to this long-standing question.


Year's End But A Brand New Day

It's the end of the year and the beginning of fruitful results


HARMAY LABORATORY HARMAY laboratory is an advanced work of HARMAY 's unique shopping experience. In HARMAY Lab, we continue to explore the cultural experience in ordinary life. We use unique and exquisite personality and atmosphere as the strict selection criteria to collect ingenious or innovative brands and products from all over the world, and give concrete representations of beauty and a better life. Gathered here.

In order to allow everyone who visits here to enjoy a reckless journey of exploration in a truly free and open space. On November 1, 2021, the HARMAY LABORATORY HARMAY laboratory line Xintiandi was launched again. This is the end of the year and the beginning of the harvest. This time, we removed the cage that gave people a sense of distance, and stacked the simplest white cubes to create a more intimate art space. All the goods are at your fingertips, allowing you to experience the beautiful items displayed here in the easiest way.

Hello, this is Xinhuamei Lab. Can you come back with you?

RECOMPOSITION reorganize life

Leaves Fall Off and Try Again Next Year

The decayed leaves fall, quietly blending into the land and brewing the greenery of the coming year


In HARMAY Laboratory, it is not difficult to see many such descriptions: "handmade", "century formula", "natural and organic", "scientifically verified", and "brand with the same name as the founder". It turns out that creating something that makes life better is something that many people have been working hard for all their lives.

ABSOLUTION, INDIE LEE, or TATCHA, the founders of the brand are professional women who love beauty. After suffering from the skin problems caused by urban pollution and life pressure, they began to find natural solutions to heal the skin. As a result, a new era of Clean Beauty's pure skin care was officially opened in Europe and America.

HUDA BEAUTY, ROUJE BEAUTY or GLOSSIER, the founders are from Dubai, France and the United States but share the same identity as a fashion beauty blogger. Relying on personal aesthetic experience and collecting real feedback from fans, we have launched fashionable makeup that is both stylish and cost-effective.

Every bottle of perfume adheres to the LE LABO hand-made, OLAPLEX, which is a research and development team composed of MIT scientists, or FRAMA, which is hand-kneaded from red soil into a diffuser ball. From head to toe, from smell to presentation, in a certain corner of the world, there is always someone who is polishing the quality of life that you insist on in a way you never expected.

In the autumn, everything is withered, and quietly, spring will be abundant in the coming year. Therefore, autumn is the most suitable for change. A new small experiment or a radical change can make the greenery of life grow in autumn.

REWARDS harvest the moment

Harvest Season and Crisp Moments

In the harvest season, it is suitable to archive the crisp moments and beauty


The wonderful space and experience are ready, just in the south of Shanghai Xintiandi. The sycamore leaves on both sides of the asphalt road have fallen on the ground, and we are looking forward to your arrival with the new HARMAY laboratory. In order to add warmth to the deepening autumn, we have prepared a cute little game and a hearty peripheral, inviting you to join this interaction.

Friends from afar, if you can’t visit the Shanghai Xintiandi store in person, you can still find the Yomei Lab area on the mini program to get closer to these wonderful products from the corners of the world.

HARMAY LABORATORY HARMAY laboratory welcomes art and presents products related to beauty. I only hope you find the most comfortable lifestyle.


Vision: REGAN

Editor: ABBY