New In | Christmas 2021

At the end of the year, thank you for your warmth


I don’t know when to start, we always feel that time is fast. Ten years ago now, not 2001, but 2011. Even in the past two years when the world has been shrouded in haze, The days did not slow down in the slightest.

It is the end of the year again, even if the second hand is still ticking, we should pause our thoughts. Reconcile with the lost, be grateful for the gained, and then look forward to the unknown. In this winter, HARMAY wants to talk about "warmth" with you. This kind of "material" is like air, not easy to detect when you are in it, but after you pull it away, you know its valuable "material" Whether it comes from friends, family or partners, the warmth is worthy of our collection to the depths of our memory.


When I was a child, I thought my mother was the
most professional make up artist
and her cosmetics were a dream collection

When I was young, I thought my mother was the most professional makeup artist, and her cosmetics were a dream collection.

Taking advantage of her carelessness, she carefully manipulated her, fantasizing about herself who will shine when she grows up.

And now, my mother can't do anything about the new fashion. After the makeup is complete, the color fills the gully on my mother's face. She seems to have become her young self again, and you have become her makeup artist. The warmth of the family is colorful, bright, strong and inseparable.


The tacit understanding of close friends
is like a twin star with synchronous trajectory
even if you talk all night, you don't need to say more

The tacit understanding of close friends is that they seem to know you better than you. A casual complaint, a small sigh inadvertently.

They have been keenly collected by them, and use care to resolve your little emotions. There are TAs in the lives of adults

Even though complaints and frustrations are often haunted, they are always fought back by softness and warmth So life is always warm throughout the year

Other Half

Maintaining daily surprises is the philosophy
of long-term partnerships
an unexpected bouquet, a sudden confession, or an unexpected meeting

Unexpected bouquet, unexpected re-confession or unexpected meeting. The meaning of the other half is the sense of security in ordinary life, and it is also a brief moment of happiness. Love cannot be described in words, it can only be defined by a specific person. And the senses deep in love are always particularly sensitive to the fragrance or candle that I used to use It’s just because of the familiarity and peace of mind that are somewhat similar to TA

If we must "materialize" warmth, So warmth is the circle of wool that wraps the neck in winter, It’s the red wine that keeps producing heat in your stomach trembling in the cold wind, It is also a long hug from friends, family and partners.

HARMAY hopes to preserve this warmth in our selected products. Whether it is skin care, make-up or fragrance, it is full of our warmth. Send this warmth to your loved one now, Let TA know that at the end of the year, you will be by your side.




Editor: ABBY