New store warm-up | Hangzhou Tianmuli store

I am your new colleague in Hangzhou Tianmuli store


Whenever you are in HARMAY, do you wonder what kind of people are the "traders" behind all these "creations"?

HARMAY Hangzhou Tianmuli store, inspired by office scenes, will be the first store with bright colors. The retro-style lattice room will take you back to the golden age of the last century in one second.


On the occasion of the opening of the new store, you will also have the opportunity to experience our brand new " HARMAY Office" first. But before officially unlocking the access control, you need to get to know the employees who have crossed time and space!


PAST 1984


My character is very popular
This self-service shopping
model is really novel.

Yuxin, 22 years old, Retail Clerk

My Character is very popular. This self-service shopping Model is really Novel "My personality is very popular, but in HARMAY, we all come forward to help when customers need service. Under other circumstances, we will not interrupt. So my main job is actually tally and calculate accounts with a calculator. At the beginning, I am also not used to this kind of work mode, and I have always suppressed my urge to help out in my heart! This self-service shopping mode is really quite novel."


"Marketing is now an emerging position in China, but it has matured in Europe and America. Our main job is to help HARMAY build the brand. Although the boss's strategy is quite low-key, the so-called'wine fragrance is also afraid of the alley'. My biggest challenge at the moment is to think of a loud slogan for HARMAY, and then send it to the TV station as an advertisement!"




Successfully bringing these
brands to HARMAY stores
is simply too fulfilling.

Christine, 25 years old, Cosmetic Purchaser

Successfully Bringing These. Brands to HARMAY Store is simply too fulfilling "I really love my current job as a beauty buyer! Before joining the company, what attracted me most to HARMAY was the niche brands in the store that I had never seen before. I can't live without a sense of freshness. For me, HARMAY is my paradise! Becoming a beauty buyer of HARMAY allows me to get in touch with those'small and beautiful' brands and understand the hidden stories behind them. Successfully bring these brands to HARMAY Don’t feel too fulfilled in the store."


Lisen, 25 years old, Visual Merchandiser

"As a new retail brand centered on the concept of warehousing, HARMAY, as a showcase, I can say that it is the core role of the brand! Every HARMAY store is full-category and multi-SKU (single item category), so As a showcase, you have to present the feeling of a warehouse, but you also have to make it easy for customers to find the goods they want to buy. This is not an easy job!"




It's too early for AI
to completely
replace humans.

Jennie, 30 years old, Data Analyst

"Unexpectedly, in the 24th century when AI technology has been highly developed, the profession of data analysts still exists! In fact, we now mainly adjust the data analyzed by AI, and then let it continue to learn, and finally be able to work independently. It’s too early for AI to completely replace humans."


Haohao, 25 years old, Test Engineer

"As an employee of HARMAY, even programmers will pay attention to maintenance, okay? Whether it is inside or outside the meta universe, the problem of the hairline does not exist! Now our team is studying how to optimize customers in Yuan Shopping experience in the universe, you are welcome to find bugs with me!"

After watching the inner scenes of these colleagues, do you feel that you are too late to meet each other and want to know these interesting souls? Don’t worry, click on the registration button below to have the opportunity to become a “worker in one day” for HARMAY and show your unique career charm. We are in HARMAY Hangzhou Tianmuli shop, waiting for your report!


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