A Sense of Atonement Ceremony

Meet You In No. 308 Anfu Road






a brand new hand-made lemon tea brand launched by HARMAY.

INTROLEMONS chose one of our most difficult emotions to express, "forgiveness",

as the emotional foundation of the brand.

Meet with friends and lovers to drink a cup of INTROLEMONS "forgive lemon tea",

and pass on anxiety, helplessness, bitterness, or tenderness,

compassion and love to each other,

and finally end with "forgiveness".


Turn A Little Thing Into A Ritual


The young daughter visits her father who has been working in Zhanjiang for a long time during the vacation.

The lack of company for a long time makes the scene when the two meet a little embarrassing.

The father led his daughter to a local lemon tea shop.

In the hot summer, the two swallowed the sourness and coolness.

They looked at each other and smiled, and the estrangement, complaints,

and incomprehension that had always been there seemed to vanish.

That cup of lemon tea also became a cup of "Forgiveness".

HARMAY was moved by such a story,

and used this as an emotional line to launch INTROLEMONS,

bringing this delicate and precious love from Zhanjiang to more people.


The first flagship store of INTROLEMONS is located at "No. 308 Anfu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai",

which was the first offline store of HARMAY,

representing the starting point of the brand's urban warehousing and community culture.

Now this coordinate has been reborn as the first flagship store of INTROLEMONS,

which is not only a testimony of the intimate emotional connection between the two brands,

but also an official introduction to INTROLEMONS by HARMAY to the residents of the local and surrounding communities.

From now on,

this address on Anfu Road will be occupied by sour and sweet lemon scents.

The sweet and sour taste level is just like the space design of the upper and lower floors of its store.

Distinct but complementary.

SOUR 1st FLOORdots

It Comes From Nature


Acid is the sourness of lemon.

It is also the theme of the store space on the first floor of INTROLEMONS on Anfu Road.

This is the same as the Wukang Road store across the street.

are open to community streets,

It becomes a public space for local residents to enter, exit and stay freely.

The lemons for making drinks are transported instantly by truck every day,

loading and unloading non-stop,

forming a mobile lemon feast with the passing crowd, takeaway riders,

and busy employees in the store.

In order to facilitate the operation of workers,

the doors of busy trucks are always open.

The door of the INTROLEMONS store is also inspired by this,

creating a container-shaped appearance,

paying tribute to the continuous loading transportation line,

and also reflecting the open attitude towards the community and the street.


Back to Sweetness and Continue the Warmth


Sweetness is the unique sweetness of lemon tea,

and it is also the theme that the store space on the second floor wants to convey.

If the first floor is the production line of lemon tea and the public space of the community,

then the second floor is relatively quiet and private,

which will become the best place for the emotional expression that lemon tea may bring.

Wooden fruit boxes filled with fresh lemons become furniture for people

to sit and open up with friends, family, loved ones or strangers.

The sweet and sour lemon tea can be predicted without alcohol.

All emotions ultimately boil down to "love",

loving yourself, others, and all the good in this world.


Let Me Introduce Myself Officially AGAIN


INTROLEMONS Anfu Road Flagship Store

Official Opening: January 28, 2022

Address: No. 308, Anfu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Business hours: 10:00A.M.---10:00P.M.

In order to celebrate the birth of the first flagship store of INTROLEMONS,

while officially introducing the new coordinates,

we also brought you a wealth of opening benefits.

  1. Have a Cup of Tea

During the period from 2022.1.28 to 2022.2.6,

HARMAY members can receive a free cup of lemon tea in designated flavors at INTROLEMONS Anfu Road store

with any consumption receipt at HARMAY Wukang Road store on that day.

  1. Lemon for Plum

You can get 10 INTROLEMONS points for every 1 yuan you spend in INTROLEMONS;

100 INTROLEMONS points can be converted into 100 HARMAY points (the conversion threshold is 100).

HARMAY will deduct cash during online and offline shopping settlements or exchange products for free in the Points Mall.


In addition to this flagship store on Anfu Road,

INTROLEMONS, as a brand of HARMAY,

has already appeared in many coordinates.

If you can't come to Shanghai,

you can also find stores in Beijing Xidan, Chongqing Jiefangbei and Xi'an Xiaozhai,

and taste the sour and sweet at the same temperature.

In addition, at the same time as the opening of the first flagship store of INTROLEMONS,

the exhibition "AMAZING PANDA THEATER" prepared by us

will also be open to the public on the second floor of the store during 2022.1.28-2.20.


AMAZING PANDA, with the cute panda as the carrier and art as the form of expression,

aims to pay attention to the global national culture and support the inheritance of the world's intangible cultural heritage;

it is born through the in-depth exchange and integration of cultures across geographical and national boundaries Brand new trend art IP.

Every time it appears,

it is a bold attempt and innovation of culture,

contemporary art and fashion genes.



AMAZING PANDA is derived from the most primitive and pure local culture,

combined with strong emotions and connotations,

and has become the emotional support for many people to cross boundaries.


order a cup of lemon tea, and pace into the Panda screening room.

Put your mind at ease, turn emotional precipitation into a ritual,

and savor the sourness and sweetness of life together.