Perfume Powerhouses

Take the scent time machine to find your natal incense


I don't know if you have ever had such an experience.

Just smelling the smells you have smelled will trigger memories of that time.

Collecting smells,

you can also say collecting memories.

private memories, other people’s memories,

Even the memory of a certain scene that is difficult to concretize,

Nothing is more expressive than scent.

Memories recorded by smell,

Passwords are unbreakable by others.

At the beginning of the new year,

"BEAUTY TIME" wants to use the fragrance special,

Prepare memorized passwords about the old year and the new year for everyone.



LOEWE scented candle #licorice scent 170G

LOEWE's scented candles have been popular as gifts since the beginning of last year.

Colorful is a weapon to break the dullness,

The low-saturation color palette is not too loud,

The thick outer wall makes everything around it look high-end.

Even without lighting the diffuser is enough to render a small space.

When I just moved into a new home and was so tired of packing my things that I doubted my life,

Seeing it can also continue to believe in the little things in life.



BYREDO is the representative of fragrances that use minimalist style to create a sense of luxury.

Pure black color matching with simple white label,

Break age and gender restrictions.

The library is the most mysterious one among them.

You may not find the smell of parchment in it,

But leather incense and patchouli have done enough to taste ink and book cover,

Can't smell dust and old, it is clean and melodious bookish.


AYDRY & CO. Travel Jar Candle #Bohemian Forest 85G

The diffusion capacity of wooden wax cores is stronger than that of ordinary wax cores.

It can quickly fill the space with aroma.

Meanwhile the sparks crackled,

Like the fire of the fireplace, the sense of ceremony is full.

AYDRY & CO. advocates organic materials,

Organic soybean wax + plant essential oil + virgin wood core,

With forest wood fragrance,

Every breath is a memory of the early morning forest breeze.


DIPTYQUE Limited Edition Mini Scented Candle Gift Box 35G5*

DIPTYQUE's Christmas collection is the focus of fragrance lovers every year.

His home's reductiveness to the aroma is always admirable.

Seeing what we smell is what we imagine the smell of the corresponding object to be.

In addition to the limited aroma and limited packaging, this mini limited gift box,

Still a small one,

It's not overly distressing to try everything in one go.


COSMIC SPECULATION Festival Limited Gift Box Limited Edition

COSMIC SPECULATION is a fragrance that is good at ritual.

His family's work has a unique storytelling from packaging to scent.

Lover's Bridge Limited Edition selected the indulgence in ancient Greek mythology

Dionysus and the free and independent Artemis,

It is also a romantic expectation for the new year.

Exquisite plaster statues are beautiful enough without fragrances as ornaments.



For patients with sleep disorders,

Sleeping incense is the most important aroma of the day.

It may be very ordinary,

But also deeply attached.


BAUM Bedroom Fragrance #Sound of Mori 100ML

Japanese home sophistication is always trustworthy,

In addition to restoring the forest wood fragrance to the greatest extent, the spray

It also has deodorizing and deodorizing effects.

Avoid mixing strange smells.

Who doesn't want to go home and walk into the bedroom every day,

are fresh and comfortable,

Get rid of fatigue and isolate yourself from distractions.

A comfortable and clean space is always easier to relax.


FREDERIC MALLE Shower Gel #Floral Dyeing 200ml

It is a waste to use the "perfume rain" spray method when spraying perfume.

But if you use the same shower gel,

You can effortlessly create a perfume rain effect during bath time.

Fumar's floral scent is known as one of the best smelling tuberoses.

Even white flower lovers will not hate it.

The shower gel continues the fragrance and smell of the perfume,

Can give you the maximum sweet imagination.


ISSEY MIYAKE Water of Life Scent Gift Box

If you are curious about aquatic fragrances,

The Water of Life can give you an intuitive and easy-to-understand answer.

The female version opens with jasmine,

Fresh white flowers such as white roses create a strong atmosphere of lotus by the lake.

When surrounded by a lot of dense water vapor, the ebony slowly came out,

Use the dryness of wood to neutralize the wetness of white flowers,

Let everything be in balance.

Some people say that it is a light as water perfume,

Use with body lotion before bed.

It is easier to feel a sense of security surrounded by gentle body fragrance.


POOPOURRI Air Freshener #violet jasmine 59ML2*

It can almost be said to be a must-have fragrance for many girls to travel.

When visiting other people's houses,

you can avoid the embarrassment of odor after going to the bathroom;

When traveling and staying in a hotel,

It can also remove the odor in the bathroom in time.

Add more familiar scents to the room,

Soothe tired and tense nerves.



A personal fragrance is often the password for our current mood.

Extremely capricious when choosing.

It can be replaced continuously without empty bottles.

You don't need to worry too much about matching and don't care about other people's feelings.

How to choose depends on mood.


YOHJI YAMAMOTO Yohji Yamamoto's eponymous men's fragrance

The same name should satisfy many people's initial imagination of male fragrance.

The opening lemon and violet are slightly cool,

Gives the first impression that strangers should not be near,

Then cedar and sandalwood brought out a little gentleness and bookishness,

The leather throughout is the most common embodiment of toughness in men's fragrances.

All in all, it looks like a cold,

A big boy who shows tenderness only to those close to him.


YOHJI YAMAMOTO Yohji Yamamoto Signature Special Edition Fragrance

No. 0 mode is a neutral fragrance that both boys and girls like.

From the name to the fragrance, it emphasizes the concept of no need to add,

Refuse to superfluous.

Straightforward woody notes of jasmine, cedar, ambergris and musk,

Without exaggerating the male edges and corners,

There is no intention to draw a sense of distance,

It is clean, refreshing, and free and easy to love whoever is.


L'OCCITANE Eau De Toilette #Cloud Laurel 30ML

L'Occitane never disappoints when it comes to sweetness.

They combine the sweetness of osmanthus with sweet apricots, pears and bitter oranges,

Make a gentle and green sweet fragrance.

Finished with cedar, sandalwood and musk.

Not so much the scent of osmanthus,

Rather, it is more like the scent of an osmanthus tree,

accompanied by the evening breeze gently and softly coming to the side.


NARCISO Rodriguez for her series fragrance gift box

FOR HER is an amazing musk.

If you are looking for a body fragrance that feels strong against your skin,

The light powder bottle is the most competitive,

A gentle and warm fragrance without a sense of distance;

The pink pepper at the beginning of the rose bottle gives a refreshing feeling,

Roses and peonies complement the musk;

The black bottle is the sexiest among the three bottles.

Retains the freshness and warmth of musk,

Added earthiness of vetiver and patchouli,

It goes best with a neatly tailored wool coat.

Writer: HAILY

Vision: ELSA

Editor: MELT