HARMAY | Annual Exhibition

Why we always wait for the next festival



Humans use scales to measure the passage of time, and then give certain scales special meaning. The golden time-festival, was born. HARMAY uses "festivals" as the quotation, Bringing together five artists to present the annual exhibition "Carnival of Creators". Three cities and five stores are linked across time and space. Re-examine the meaning of this special time concept for you and me.

Festival is golden FESTIVAL IS GOLD

The festival fireworks take off, even if it is a moment of life, it must be extremely gorgeous. The eyes are full of golden fireworks, release and revelry. Optimism is at its peak at this moment. The brain releases addictive sweeteners. Except for humans, no species has a festival. Festival is a carnival of wisdom and civilization, It is artificial creation and renewal.

The holiday is its own FESTIVAL IS PRIVATE

Festivals are also holidays. Therefore, the festival is its own. Relax and hide in your private space. Looking up at the eternal day in the bathtub, You can also explore Mars in the bed. Finally there is a reason to ignore all the noise. Trying to break away from the order outside the window, Follow your heart and run alone.

The festival is in the future FESTIVAL IS TOMORROW

Humans use festivals to celebrate special time points, Often means that after this, We must look to the future. Countless festivals are recorded in the memorial book of history, And we can’t wait to read the next page. The festival makes the chaos of daily life clear, Let the suspense of the future no longer hesitate. The fireworks went out and the sky became quiet, The next rise has already begun to plan.

With the theme of "Festival" in "Carnival of Creators", five artists created unique works of art in the concept universe of HARMAY brand. Continuing the dedication to "creation", giving "festival" new sensory touches and emotional connections, extending forward, and giving everyone thinking about the next second. In this annual exhibition, it will be exhibited in five HARMAY shops in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu to celebrate the holiday season together and count down a new round of time replacement with you.

Participating Artists: Tong Kunniao, Ma Qiusha, Drawing Society, Liang Chen, Zheng Lu Exhibition time: November 18th to January 9th Venue: HARMAY Beijing Sanlitun Store, Beijing Xidan Xintiandi Store, Shanghai Xintiandi Store, Shanghai Wukang Road Store and Chengdu Jingronghui Store