Love Project

It is the moment when you find yourself ‘loved’ and ‘cherished’


Love is an ability, as are being loved and perceiving love
Love is incompetent. In many cases, it is not only giving incompetence, but also accepting incompetence.
Compared to telling love to give love, it is more intuitive and more accessible to the heart. It is the moment when you find yourself ‘loved’ and ‘cherished’.

Divided into 4 parts, you need to consider how to connect and transform the 4 categories in the text
Pets: washing/ partial care/ comprehensive cleaning/ supplies
Private care: atmosphere/ sex toys/ family supplies
Health care: health products/ health food
Babies: household cleaning/ special care/ supplies/ oral cavity/ washing care
Among them, pets and private care are mainly described and introduced; health care and infants and children can occupy a smaller proportion, and the key message to users is that such products can also be bought in Huamei. The main product does not need to be introduced in detail, but only provides a reference for the content direction of this part (different from the new article).

PART 1dots

My baby, seems to love me more than I love it


Although pets can't speak, the expression in the eyes of the owner and the companionship to the owner all make the owner feel loved.
The process of bathing, cleaning, and caring for pets, and the process of interacting and playing with pets, are all expressing love and being loved.

Main product:
BONDI WASH household cleaning spray lemon tea tree and citrus
AMO PETRIC Seabuckthorn Fruit Foot Cream 10ml
AMO PETRIC Verbena Lightweight Shower Gel for Cats
KONG catnip cat toy mesh carrot

PART 2dots

My body seems to want to explore the joy of being loved


Try to visualize the "feeling of being loved by yourself" and learn how to be loved by yourself and please yourself. (Because the unit price of sex toys is high, but the sales are small; the sales of bath balls and aromatherapy sprays are better. This part copy needs to have both to guide users to enjoy "sex" more freely, and through fragrance and bathing. Create a loving atmosphere)

Main product:
LELO SILA sonic sucking massager
IROHA ZEN Zen female massager
STENDERS bath ball colorful cloud bubble bomb
STENDERS Cranberry Essential Oil Ball
THIS WORKS sleep aid pillow spray enhanced version

PART 3dots

Baby who can't speak yet, accept love in your own way


The need to optimize the next transition copy is not so far-fetched.

Main product:
ISDIN Xiu Ti Huan Yan Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Ampoule 2ml*5
USMILE Planetary Sonic Electric Toothbrush Q3 Interstellar Blue
TANGENTGC Safe Baby Care Laundry Detergent
BONPOINT Love Facial Cream

PART 4dots

Health Products


Did not think of a good subtitle, only preliminary ideas can refer to:
I feel loved in my body, organs, skin, and every pore;
Give health care products to your spouse and family, and the other person feels loved.

Main product:
DHC Vitamin B Family Capsules 30 Capsules
Swisse blood orange drink 500ml
NATURE MADE 60 Collagen Gummy Candy


Writer: HAILY

Editor: ABBY