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Chongqing, Explore the "Cave Factory" of HARMAY

The Yangtze River passes through the mountains, leaving Chongqing behind. The complex geography gives this city a legend. Human wisdom creates dwellings between winding unreasonable hills and eternal majestic rivers, forming a magical civilization landscape. The air-raid shelter was originally the last refuge of Chongqing people in a special period, but it has now been given more contemporary significance. HARMAY Chongqing store is inspired by air-raid shelters built during the war and built a cave factory. At this moment, I walked into the mystery and found Chongqing that you didn't know.

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Air-raid shelters have long become an "old place" for Chongqing people. Losing its original meaning during the war, the air-raid shelter in the peaceful era has become a special cultural field. The locals built bars, cafes and hostels here, making the underground life scene a feature of Chongqing.

The same is true of HARMAY Chongqing Store, creating a "cave factory" with unique Chongqing characteristics and industrial aesthetics in the "underground cave". Coral red clay is the main color, warm, nostalgic, and a little cute. Stainless steel, mirror stainless steel, glass, and plastic, which represent factory style, add masculinity to the conflict. This is not so much a big machine factory of the industrial age as it is the art factory of Andy Warhol. This experiment of colors and materials makes the shop space itself interesting.

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The huge power plant for generating electricity, the undulating conveyor belt and the worktable within reach, form the production line of HARMAY "Cave Factory". Only this time, what is on the production line is not the products that will be exported to the world, but the beauty, skin care and fragrance that HARMAY has selected for you. The roles of "product" and "commodity" are vague, and they are interesting enough to make you smile. In addition to the merchandise, the artistry of the installation will also make you a worthwhile trip, and you can't help but take pictures.


The "power generation room" is the center of the "factory", and the real-time volt data of each production line is recorded on the wall. It is logical that it has become a concentrated display of the " HARMAY Technology" category. The secret of skin care and beauty is not only in the bottles and jars. These advanced black technology instruments are the key recommendation of HARMAY as a "global beauty product collection store", allowing you to experience the life changes brought about by technology first.

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Want to make field trips and start the exploration journey of the "Cave Factory" for the first time? On the opening day of HARMAY Chongqing store, you can get limited gifts with secret codes when you enter the store (only valid on the opening day, limited number of copies), cheer up your journey of exploration in advance! In addition, the iconic Yomei candy in the Yomei store will also be upgraded to "Lucky HARMAY " and you can get it when you enter the store. The lucky motto attached to the candy may become your new "life golden sentence" and bring inspirational bonus to your adventure.

The power generation room is ready, the production line is about to start running, and the factory is about to roar. HARMAY "Cave Factory" officially opened. Start your journey of exploration!

HARMAY New Store: Chongqing Jiefangbei Store
Opening time: December 26
Location: 1st Floor, Guotai Youhuo City Plaza, 108 Zourong Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing


Vision: REGAN

Editor: ABBY